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ZEUS-400/300/200 VET

Veterinary Elecrosurgery unit

Made in Korea by ZERONE

Three Models different in power with the same accessories and function.

* In case of Zeus 200 VET receptible parts is little different than ZEUS 400/300, please check

 The upgraded version provide safety flexibility and convenience by powerful and stable technology.

10 storages are available by using user storage function. Bipolar cut function is available.


General Surgery        Dermatology

Vascular Surgery        Gynecology

ORL/ENT                    Pediatric Surgery

Urology                      Orthopedics  Oral Surgery

Plastic Surgery           Endoscopy


● A display window allows you to easily check output value, indicated as digits.

● (Pure cut, Blend1, Blend2, Blend3)Coagulation mode(Spray coag., Contact coag.), Bipolar coag. mode by hand or foot, Bipolar cut(upgrade version only). Unit provides various functions that are required to perform an operation as functional cut mode ● Each working condition can be checked by sound and indication lamp.

● Hand bipolar(Auto bipolar)can be checked only by contacting Forceps.

● Unit output strong and stable power by micro-processor.

● Input power frequency is automatically detected.

Output Specification

Standard accessories

Safety Function

A fuse which is built in a power circuit board prevent over current from flowing through the equipment.

when the plate attached to the animal is disconnected from the unit, red alarm being flickering.

If pressed any button  from the twin button handle or press any pedal of double foot switch, alarm sound is made but the unit doesn't work.

REM (return electrode monitoring) function monitors the size of contacting area between animal and the pad, if size is in appropriate, it's automatically stop the high frequency current to minimize the danger of burning incident.

To protect animal, the case is fully grounded so that a leakage current can flow into the earth.

· Main Frequency : 400, 500KHz

· Power Source : AC120V or AC230V, 50Hz / 60Hz

· Protection class : Class 1, Type CF

· Dimension(WxDxH mm) 330x455x150

· Weight : 13.0Kg

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