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Vetirenary  Ultrasound


E-Series Veterinary

the E Series platform is a laptop color doppler ultrasound system designed with high quality image out in the field.

E Series Vet is equipped with Sonoscape's superiors image technology, Providing professional veterinary software catering to a wide variety of animals ranging from small companion animals to large farm animals. It is crystal clear imaging and smooth work flow create a new and improved examination experience that provide the accuracy you need for a confident diagnosis.


Capable B/W Portable Ultrasound for Animal care

The E1V Portable ultrasound diagnostic system is a new generation of black and white product from SonoScape. Packed with professional veterinary software and measurement packages catering to a wide variety of animals ranging from small house pets to large livestock animals allows the E1V to accomplish all of you B/W ultrasound needs. Its high contrast image quality and efficient workflow improves the examination experience and enhances the user’s confidence when scanning.

Incorporating veterinary applications found in high end ultrasound machines, the E1V is able to cover many diagnostic imaging needs in one system with high-quality detailed image.

• Professional veterinary measurements and calculations
• Veterinary information management and reporting
• User-definable graphic exam modes are applicable for different types of animals
• Full library of body marks and annotations
• Various of accessories to fit your needs in any situations

E1 VEt Veterinary ultrasound


  • 15.6 inch HD LED monitor with a large display region.

  • noiseless system to prevent startling the animals.

  • boot up quickly with predetermined exam settings loaded and ready.

  • auto brightness adjustment screen and backlit control panel .

  • keyboard cover to avoid fluids and dust.

Image Gallery

Library of body parts and annotations


Image quality

  • Dynamic multi-beam imaging.

  • Spatial compound imaging. 

  • Pure inversion harmonic imaging. 

  • Tissue specific imaging. 

  • Wide-scan Imaging for linear transducers. 

  • PW with Auto Trace.




Color Doppler Veterinary Diagnostic Ultrasound System

A combination of exceptional image quality and convenient workflow, E2V makes scanning easy for every veterinarian. Thanks to its comprehensive features and technologies, this compact model caters to every type of exam. Specialty presets and exam modes help to provide care for all types of animals, to let you work with confidence under any condition.

More than just extraordinary imaging, E2V with automated functions and comprehensive presets bring satisfying working experience to your daily routine.

  • Automated parameter adjustment with one click.

  • Automatic calculation improves working efficiency significantly.

  • Wide scan for both linear and convex probes.

  • Vis-Needle Technology Shows needle tips for biopsy efficiency.

  • improvement.

  • Continuous Wave Doppler Offers more information for heart function evaluation.

  • Considerate patient database management for both owners and pets. Prospective and retrospective storage optimize scanning results for active animals.

Image Gallery


Dynamic Multi-Beam Imaging

Provides excellent images without sacrificing temporal resolution.

Spatial Compound Imaging

Optimizes images of different angles.

Widescan for both linear and convex probes

Presents a wider view of the image with one click.


Real-Time Panoramic Image

Locates lesions or interested areas more easily.

Vis-Needle Technology

Shows needle tips for biopsy efficiency improvement.


Continuous Wave Doppler

Offers more information for heart function evaluation.


Color Doppler Veterinary Diagnostic Ultrasound System

E3V is made to optimize animals’ examinations for all veterinarians. As a portable veterinary ultrasound device, E3V raises the bar on image quality and enables convenient ultrasound scanning process. To satisfy predictable veterinary applications, E3V is an ideal choice for its versatile exam modes and specialty presets.

With advanced technologies, brilliant image quality and optimized workflow, E3V satisfies your needs in any condition.

  • Clinically proven technologies provide abundant details for diagnosis.

  • Patient information management specifically designed for veterinary uses.Specialized calculation and intelligent measurements improve working efficiency

  • User-definable graphic exam modes take in animals of all kind

  • Full range of transducers are available for different applications




Reduces noises while preserving excellent detailed resolution.

SR Flow technology

Presents vivid blood flow and more details of tiny vessels.

Continuous Wave Doppler

Offers more information on heart exam functions.


Color M mode imaging technology

Improves cardiac examination efficiency.

Tissue Doppler Imaging

Enhanced cardiac evaluation technology.

Anatomic M mode imaging technology

Improves quantification of cardiac dimensions.

 Quick boot up

Less waiting time and more time for examinations.

Specialty transducers for veterinary

Wide frequency range and longer probe cables specifically designed for veterinary uses.


Auto brightness adjustment screen

Shows clearer images and easy on the eyes.


Inclinable monitor with wider viewing angles

Adapts to every working scenario. 


Splash resistant and dust proof keyboard film

Extremely welcome in animal examination rooms.

Large capacity battery

Brings you stable scanning process up to 3 hours.

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