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ZEUS 200S/150

Made in S.Korea by ZERONE

Output specification

ZEUS 200S/150 VET


Various Function with Compact Design

Cut(Pure Cut, Blend 1, Blend 2), Coag.(Contact, Spray), Bipolar Coag.; Fully enough for most of the operations.

Best Safety with Feedback System

REM(Return Electrode Monitoring) function monitors size of contact area between a patient and the pad. If contact is inappropriate, it automatically blocks the high-frequency current to minimize the danger of burning incident. 

Different Tone Audible Sound

Each working condition can be checked by sound and indication lamp The level if alarm sound can be adjusted during an operation of application mode. Different Tone Audible Sound.

Auto Select Function

Without pressing cut or coag. button, use twin button handle or double foot switch for working cut or coag. mode. Press each mode button for 3 sec., output power will be set 1W, it enables to adjust from 1W to maximum power quickly.

Tel: +61 2 9994 8940

Standard accessories

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