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Calf Puller is an excellent tool in calving, It provides an easy approach to difficult calving by creating a dual action zigzag motion.

A zig-zag pull will help to avoid locking up the large calf’s shoulders in the heifer’s pelvic opening. It will also help to minimize or prevent injuries to the calf’s joints and bones during the assisted birthing process.

our dureable tools consist of: 

1- 3 High quality Chrome Platted Steel Rods tolal legnth of the three bars  is 76"

2- 1 Chrome Plated Steel OB Chain 45"

3- 1 Short Brass Steel Rachet Jack Driving Machine.

4-1 Powder Coated Steel Breech 25"

5- Carry on bag

6- Two claving ropes

Complete Calf Puller Ratchet Style 76” with carry on bag

SKU: CO3005
Excluding GST
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