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Complete set of 14 PCS Burgess Wolf Tooth Elevator, Set is designed to extract wolf tooth. The set comprises of 6 different head sizes to cap the wolf tooth. Rotating and back & forth motion of elevators separate the tooth from the alveolus. Sharp edges cut the periodontal ligaments. The pick can be used for leverage. The offset extension is useful for well set back teeth. Long elevators can reach deep periodontal ligaments. Extraction forceps are used to extract wolf teeth.


Set Comprises of

  • Gripping Handle
  • 12mm Tip
  • 10mm Tip
  • 8mm Tip
  • 6mm Tip
  • 4mm Tip
  • 3mm Tip
  • Straight Extension 8.9cm*12.5mm
  • Offset Extension 9.7cm*12.5mm
  • Pick (wolf tooth elevator straight 9.5")
  • Pick (wolf tooth elevator curve9")
  • Elevator 5/16", 9.5" long
  • Elevator 3/16", 9.5" long
  • Equine Wolf Forceps 9.5"
  • Pouch

Burgess Wolf Tooth Elevator Set of 14 pcs with Pouch

SKU: EQD1059
Excluding GST
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