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Price: AUD $ 1180 (include GST)

Made by The Zerone,with the simplisity and durability of Korean Design with high feature and quality, in usage and control.

Simple setup process makes user feel comfortable and variety display makes user gets complete information at one glance.


Clear, Easier, and Faster

  • touchable keypad

  -easy and fast way to setup.

  • Various display;

  -7 segment display numerical date clearly.

  • User friendly and economical design

  -simple setup process make user feels comfortable and variety     display makes user get complete information at one glance. 

  -proper weight and superb grip for easy carriage.

Alarm (visual and audio) function

  • Door open

  • Air bubble sensing 

  • Occlusion

  • Door error

  • Infusion complete

  • Law battery

  • Door error sensing by door sensor

  • Device malfunction

  • Start reminder alarm after pause setting time

Safety function

  • all key don't work except start  and on/off key

  • door open

  • air sensor

  • occlusion sensor

  • drop sensor 

  • nurse call (option)

Various function

Self test - every time the pump turn on, self test is proceeded

K.O.V (keep vein open)- when the infusion volume has been reached flow rate Turn into K.V.O automatically.

Remaining time desplay.

Alarm repeat

Buzzer level - 9 steps

Purge - faster infusion than normal state

Titration (changing the flow rate during infusion)

Micro/Macro control

Infusion setup - flow rate / infusion volume/ infusion time

Interface (communication) USB

Less noise (micro stepping motor)

Easy replacement battery




  • 20 drops vented spike

  • 48 mm drip chamber with 12.8mm 15 m filter ABS roller clamp Y injection site Luer lock connector

  • transparent tubing

  • ISO, CE Approved

  • ABS roller

  • PVC tubing

IV Infusion set
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