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DRGEM AquiDR VET Acquisitionisition System

DR upgrade

Smart solution to upgrade your CR based X-Ray Machine to a digital X-ray with flat detector and a list of image processing enable you to measure calculate, Dicom print and other feature.


  • High-performance imaging workstation and software with an intuitive user interface and easy operation.

  • Wireless or tethered GOS or CSI flat panel detectors

  • High-shock tolerance carbon fiber plate with a magnesium housing.

  • 150 kg uniform load limit

  • Up to 5Ghz data transmission speed

  • 2 detector batteries, 5 hours operation time each.

  • Dicom 3.0 networking interface workstation with one Tera storage space, and CD/DVD printing.

AquiDR VET Radiography System
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