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CURADLE Pet Brooder MX B90NO2


Free Demo Available now in Sydney

The ideal Oxygen chamber for pets


You don't need to worry about Oxygen poisoning or hyperoxia

Automatic Temperature


CURADLE O2 BROODER 90,Allows for minute temperature control

1 degree increments/decrements)

A centralized heating method offers an enviroment suitable for pets


An Al-contrlled oxygen concentration system to aid pet recovery


An Al device control the ventilation automatecally creating a safe oxygen treatment enviroment, The oxygen concentration can be increased up to 40%, An Al alarm system notifies you for the oxygen deficiency, making it ease acertian the oxygen status.

*Oxygen concentration control range: 21, 25 to 40%

(The 40% oxygen concentration measurement applies when the chamber is empty.)

* A multiconnector that can be linked with an oxygen concentrator or oxygen tank is icluded with the product.

with oxygen concentrator.png

Nebulizer connection interface

A hose compatible with various nebulisers on the market


No treatment mask is necessary, as midicine mixed naturally into the internal air. Pets do not feel stifled inside the device, allowing them to relax as they are treated.


Oxygen and nebuliser can be used simultaneously at the same time.


Oxygen treatment and nebuliser treatment can be performed simultaneously to increase the effectiveness.

o2 and nebuliser.png

Rotatable sliding door and

drawer-separated tray


The sliding door helps to check the condition of the animal patients easily

and the drawer-separately tray helps to manage hygiene conveniently.


Clean Air-filter


Built-in air filter prevents dust and impurities.​

It can be used several times with dense filter material and it easy to clean water


LED lighting


The LED's lighting brightness can be adjusted in 5 levels.


Soundproofing for sound sensitive pets


Soundproofing creats a cozy, Silent enviroment to help your pets relax.


Big Size and large Capacity

large space.png

Build rack helps stable double-stacking 


It helps increasing the space efficiency by double stacking the CURADLE PET BROODER using the combination device Build Rack.


* Build Rack - Option

build rack.png

Secondary Tray 


Secondary tray can be attached inside as a little fox for cat.s, a birthing box, etc


* Secondary tray is option - Option

Secondary tray.png

Ringer Holder 


A holder can be attached for pets that need to have medical fluids adminstrated.Made of stainless steel, the holder comes with four hooks which are haygienic and foldable for convenience.


* Ringer holder - Option

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Curadle O2 Brooder $1560 INC GST EX Shipping

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