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RCOM Reptile Brooder
Intensive Care Unit



AUTOELEX's very own technology-concentrated

exclusive brooder for pets.


Rcom REPTILE BROODER provides an appropriate environment for reptiles in need of treatment

by improved device safety and durability through a centralized heating method.

Application of use.

Humidicri for Repiles and wild life animals.

Automatic Temperature & Humidity control

(Independent humidity system, which is easy to use and manage).


RCOM BROODER, incubation technology carefully checks and adjusts the set temperature and humidity.

AI alert function helps easily check the condition by notifying you when insufficient of water.


Large FND display


Easy-to-use menu options, enable optimal environment setting according to the health condition of animal patient.


Rotatable sliding door and

drawer-separated tray


The sliding door helps to check the condition of the animal patients easily

and the drawer-separately tray helps to manage hygiene conveniently.

Clean Air-filter


Built-in air filter prevents dust and impurities.​

It can be used several times with dense filter material and it easy to clean water


Reptile exclusive UV lamp


It has a built-in UV lamp that provides UV light to reptiles. 

UV lamp can be set time.


Build rack helps stable double-stacking 


It helps increasing the space efficiency by double stacking the CURADLE PET BROODER using the combination device Build Rack.


* Build Rack - Option



Built-in outlet

There is an outlet inside, so you can use auxiliary equipment.


Low noise, Low power


The internal fan noise has reduced to 1/5 compared to former model, provides comfortable

indoor environments and reduces power consumption by up to 40%.

Big Size and large Capacity


There are no extra shipping charge for all accessories that sent with the Brooder

Please Note

There are a basic Accessories come with the new machine and some accessories does'nt come with the machine and sold separatly.

the basic Accessories are;

User manual, power cord (Australian plug),  air filters (mounted), Silicon tube for water tank.

for extra accessories please check here

We use Express post with the same price of standard post


$1490 Include GST

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