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Weitlaner Retractors Sharp is a self-retaining retractor used for holding back tissues to access the surgical site during animal surgical procedures. It is ideal for small, deep incisions and soft tissue dissection. The features are curved shanks along with sharp prongs on arms for extraordinary smooth retraction. The stainless steel body of the retractor is rust-free, lightweight, and unbendable. This autoclavable tool can be disinfected quickly and can play a vital role in multiple retraction surgeries. Our Weitlaner Retractor Sharp is available in numerous variations that are perfect for your surgical kit.



Additional Information

  • Item name: Weitlaner Retractor 14 cm
  • Therapeutic Specialty: Retractors
  • Instrument Length: 14 cm 
  • Material: Premium Surgical gradeStainless steel
  • Usage: Reusable
  • Shipping status: Non-Sterile
  • Sterility: Sterilizable

Weitlaner Retractor 14 cm

SKU: GS4036
Excluding GST
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