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Dressing Forceps are versatile instruments crafted for dressing wounds, packing, and changing dressings during surgical procedures. These are the most popular veterinary surgical instruments that are used in veterinary cardiovascular procedures. The serration provides exceptional grip and non-slippery holding. We offer eight sizes of Dressing Forceps to facilitate users.



Additional Information

  • Item name: Standard Dressing Forceps 10.5 cm
  • Therapeutic Specialty: Dressing Forceps
  • Instrument Length: 10.5 cm
  • Usage: Reusable
  • Material: Premium Surgical gradeStainless steel
  • Sterility: Sterilizable
  • shipping status: Non-Steriled

Standard Dressing Forceps 10.5 cm

SKU: GS4024
Excluding GST
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