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Valuable Set of three Forceps _prong made of Premium grade Stainless Steel.

Three Prong Molar Extraction Forceps onside 19” 

Three Prong Molar Extraction Forceps off side 19”

Four Prong Molar Extraction Forceps, 19”


 Onside (Left) and Offside (Right). This refers to the side that has the single prong which is normally placed to the lingual side of the tooth. 


The pod 3 Prong Extractor is specifically designed to remove molars from aged horses who have worn teeth with very little crown. However, they are also useful for removing deciduous premolar caps in young horses.


The Four-Prong molar extractors are designed to remove irregular or geriatric teeth that have a short crown.

Set Of Three Molar Forceps-Prong

SKU: EQD1037
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