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Crossley Rabbit Incisor Luxator Hollow Handle with French Stainless Steel Tip, 4mm

Designed by David Crossley to extract rabbit incisors.



Removal avoids the requirement for repeated cutting of overgrown maloccluded incisors.

Provides a safe and precise solution for successful extractions.

    Additional Information

    • Item name: Crossley Rabbit Incisor Luxator Hollow Handle French Stainless Steel tip 4 mm
    • Therapeutic Specialty: cutting of overgrown maloccluded incisors
    • Instrument tip width : 4 mm
    • Usage: Reusable
    • Material: French Surgical Stainless steel
    • Sterility (shipping status): Non-Sterile
    • Sterility: Sterilizable

    Crossley Rabbit Incisor Luxator

    SKU: DE5001
    Excluding GST
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