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Crile Hemostatic Forcep Curved 14 cm is a very useful instrument designed for clamping tissues during significant medical procedures.Their jaw is Curved to  offers excellent precision and minimal damage to surrounding structures.

Crile hemostatic forceps curved are heavier and less delicate than the average mosquito forceps used in veterinary surgery. which give it an advantage to hold large and medium blood vessels to obstruct the blood flow. 


Additional Information

  • Item name: Crile Hemostatic Forcep Curved 14 cm
  • Therapeutic Specialty: Hemostatic Forcep
  • Instrument Length:  14 cm 
  • Usage: Reusable
  • Material: Premium  Surgical Grade Stainless steel
  • shipping status: Non-Sterile
  • Sterility: Sterilizable
  • Sterility: Sterilizable

Crile Hemostatic Forcep Curved 14 cm

SKU: GS4041
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